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Nived Nath, a Master degree holder in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wollongong, forayed into the family business of running multi-branched bakery and restaurants, that has been operating for three generations - Sheen Bakery, a sister concern to the Venus group - has a success story in its stride. Nonetheless, Nived, a tech-savvy millennial, wanted to leave no stone unturned to take the business to greater levels. His exposure to the Middle Eastern market made him recognise the importance of extensive digital marketing in building a virtual market space. After realising that a powerful online presence could catapult his establishment to unforeseen heights, he successfully coalesced both postmodern baking and culinary techniques with the traditional ones, without compromising on the quality. A happy customer is a lifelong asset and Nived goes a step further to bring a smile on his customer's face.